Corona Virus Statement

We are taking the spread of COVID-19 very seriously.
We are staying well informed of the developing situation and are following the advice and recommendations from the Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation.

We have carried out a Risk Assessment and at present we are operating only in the garden and marquees with a table service system for both drinks and food. Our campsite will have to remain closed for the rest of the year as we do not have the facilities or resources to operate this safely.

We aim to provide a safe and clean environment for everyone, which will limit the number of customers who can be served at any one time and the number of seats available. Our tables are set out to adhere to social distancing rules and we have a cleaning system in place, which may mean customers have to wait, following social distancing guidelines, until their area has been sanitised. To help with following the laws and guidelines, and to protect everyone we are encouraging customers to use a phone app called Round. However, if you are unable to use an app, we will take your order at the table.

Your food will generally be delivered ‘Picnic Style’ in a bag, to reduce handling and contact, and we will explain the system when your meal is delivered.
As per Government advice, we will ask people if they are from the same household, and where necessary groups will be placed on two or more tables.

We have two options for a track and trace system – either a phone QR, weblink, or paper forms. All systems are protected by Data Protection laws.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you back to our family run pub.